Create a Permitting Checklist

One of the simplest ways to make solar permitting easy and efficient is to adopt the use of a permitting checklist.  A checklist benefits both the consumers and city staff by clarifying the requirements for permit approval. To maximize this benefit, the checklist should be made available online and posted in a prominent, easy-to-find location among the variety of other permit information offered by the city.

  • Report Summary on the Impact of Permitting and Local Regulatory Processes
  • Streamline Permitting: Create a Permitting Checklist
  • Sample Solar PV Permit Checklist


Impact of Permitting Report

Report Summary on the Impact of Permitting and Local Regulatory Processes

The report summary from the Berkeley Lab provides more information on the impact of local regulations on PV prices.


BMP Permit Checklist

Streamline Permitting: Create a Permit Checklist

This document is a white paper created by Solar Ready II to provide best management practices for creating a permit checklist that summarizes the necessary regulatory steps.  Examples are included for residential and commercial photovoltaic system applications and checklists as well as a photovoltaic system review.


Solar PV Checklist

Sample Solar PV Permit Checklist

The Solar PV Permit Checklist is a sample checklist that may be adopted or adapted to each city's needs.  So far, this permit checklist, or a similar checklist, is being used at the following cities: Southlake, Plano, Allen, Mesquite, Benbrook, Cedar Hill, and Kennedale. hosts the National Solar Permitting Database, a clearinghouse of solar permitting requirements of cities and counties across the country. Many cities in Texas are represented in the database, so cities can see how their neighbors are working with solar installations. If your city isn't there yet, or data and links are missing, be sure to update and add your information!